Round Rock Donuts – World Famous?

donut display

Donut display. Note the Texas sized donuts – upper left.

What do you do when Waze is showing a nine minute bumper-to-bumper delay on the I-35 but the side streets are clear?  Right, you take the side streets which is what I did yesterday and happened upon a Texas institution: Round Rock Donuts.

This almost century old establishment is known for its Round Rock donut, a medium density glazed that predates its closest cousin, the krispy kreme, byIMG_7842 fourteen years.  It also boasts the Texas donut which is, as you can guess, Texas sized for $6.99, the price of a dozen regular sized round rock donuts.   I tasted the wee one, but was unimpressed.  Even the plain cake donut, the standard by which all donut makers are measured by me, was just okay.  I thought that redemption would be found in the eclair.  I was wrong.

So is it worth the trip? Yep, but not for the donuts. Go for the employees, some of the nicest I’ve found in Texas. And when you go, be certain to look at the display offerings and note your favorites – you order at the register.  Because I was uninitiated, I was totally unprepared when I got to the


View of the lobby.

front, but the cashier was kind enough to walk with me to the display, answer my questions, and take my order.  This may seem like no big stretch, but because I was acting like, well, a kid in a donut shop, I was in full hyper mode and changed my order at least three times.   Throughout it all, she was as pleasant as a Texas bluebonnet in spring.

Another thing as pleasant as those bluebonnets? Having my order brought out to me and finding, when I finally went to open the box on one of the waiting picnic tables out front, the box and the donuts both warm.  The first one I tried was the applesauce donut. This one melted in my mouth and was all apple and cinnamon goodness – so good that I went back in and ordered a strawberry one as well.  Unfortunately, the strawberry one, though flavored of strawberry, was also too sugary to be good. As for the applesauce cake donut, it was a bit lackluster later that day when cold and only slightly better when dunked in milk.

If you’re looking for the best donut in Texas, look elsewhere.  If you’re looking for an authentically Texas experience, stop on by, put up your boots, and sample the applesauce cake donut, warm.



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