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Grouchy John’s Coffee — Great Coffee with a Smile

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Don’t let the name deceive you, Grouchy John’s is anything but grouchy.  Their baristas are friendly and inviting, their coffee delicious, and their store welcoming with its 80s eclectic style.

It’s noon on a Wednesday and almost every surface holds computers attached to a new breed of cyber worker or e-student.  The walls are decorated with original art — from a portrait of Darth Vader under glass to a hand decorated skateboard to, my favorite, a massive clock of the Grouchy John’s logo, a disgruntled coffee cup à la the original Oscar the Grouch.

The coveted corner tables under the original art.

The coveted corner tables under the original art.

Grouchy John’s began a little over three years ago as a table at Las Vegas’s First Fridays.  Two local boys, John Ynigues and JJ Wylie, manned the table and eventually purchased and modified a trailer, turning it into a mobile Grouchy John’s Coffee.  Today they have their very own brick-and-mortar place at the corner of Maryland Parkway and Wigwam Avenue, complete with an interior loaded with computer plugs and a drive-thru for those in need of caffeine in a rush.

Their drinks include  “The Jedi” (white chocolate and coconut), “The Shirley Temple of Doom” (a matcha green tea cherry smoothy) and the very first drink I ever tasted from Grouchy John’s, the “Evil Monkey” (chai, espresso, and banana syrup), made by co-owner JJ Wylie.  If you like coffee, and are on the southeast side of town, you must come in.  Even if you’re not on the southeast side of town, you should make a special trip — this place is worth the drive. When you come in for a coffee, be certain to ask for a loyalty card and to check in on Facebook or Twitter for the double stamp advantage.  For a local place to relax and chat or to buckle down and work, you can’t beat Grouchy John’s.

Grouchy John's Coffee interior - comfortable and conducive to business or pleasure.

Grouchy John’s Coffee interior – comfortable for business or pleasure.


The Human Bean: Coffee the Way It Should Be

The best brew drive-thru.

The best brew drive-thru.

Want a cup of coffee?  A latte? A mocha? A breve? Want it consistently delicious and always with a smile?  Then you must try The Human Bean Drive Thru off of Fort Apache and West Hacienda.

Though their Snowy Mocha is too sweet for me, every other drink I’ve had has been delicious: the vanilla mocha is smooth and velvety — the Mexi Mocha holds the right amount of spice and sweet to make this revved up mocha a welcomed change to the every day — the Green Tea Smoothie is as refreshing as a meadow spring — and the low carb Vanilla Mocha Granita is so smooth it tastes like a milkshake.  Best of all, each drink, frozen or hot, eight ounces or twenty, with whip or without, comes topped with a delicious marble chocolate espresso bean — the perfect beginning to the coffee experience.

Deliciousness in a cup.

Deliciousness in a cup.

This location has two drive up windows and a walk up counter.  The baristas are consistently friendly whether they have remembered me or not, and the drinks, regardless my order, have been crafted to perfection. Their baked goods are passable, coming from Seattle’s Favorite Gourmet Cookies & Dessert Co., but I would stick to the coffee. Indeed, their farm friendly direct beans make trying their brew a must. If you are within ten miles of a Human Bean, you will be rewarded with a delightful cup of coffee made by one human being for another. Enjoy.

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